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a9s Platform for Cloud Foundry


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Migrate from expensive Cloud Foundry providers to our reliable and affordable application platform solution based on 
open-source Cloud Foundry.

Migrating Your Platform Environment Is Easier Than You Think.

Every company is different and needs a unique DevOps solution. Our migration process is performed in an agile manner and flexibly adapts to lessons learned during the project.

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Major providers for Cloud Foundry environments often offer cloud-native solutions at a very high price. So you pay licensing costs for each service and are locked into specific vendors. anynines is here to save you. 
Talk to our Cloud Foundry certified DevOps today to start migrating to a9s Platform – the time and resources saving alternative for your business. 

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a9s Platform - Our smart solution for Cloud Foundry environments:

Saves you 
               as it is based on 
open-source software
         and offers 
          flexibility through modularization.

           Can be booked
with a9s Data 
 Service Bundle –
               one license 
         for various 
      Data Services.

lock-in .

For a better understanding of the migration process, we have laid it down in the phases below:

Identification of a reference environment to migrate first

  • With which infrastructure do we want to start? 
  • What input is required? 
  • What needs to be done upfront to get us started? 

Data Services

Identify the services in usage and available alternatives from the a9s Data Service Bundle.

Data Migration

  • Identification of the data to be migrated to the new environment
  • Cloud Foundry data (users, organizations, spaces)
  • Applications (settings, environment, source code)
  • Databases

Installation of the 1st environment 
in a production-ready state.

Going Live of the 1st environment.

Migration and Going Live in other environments.