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Application runtime, data services, operations, and personal support included. Pulling tailored solutions out of our hats to meet your company’s needs.

Cloud Foundry - a9s Platform 

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 Stay Flexible With the 
 Data Services You Need 

No need to juggle around, use the included a9s Data Services Bundle. One license, flexible use of the data services you really need.

Cloud Foundry - a9s Platform

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 We Will Walk You 
 Through Migration 

Focus on your applications. We will provide personal support during migration. Plus, we can take care of Cloud Foundry operations starting day one.

Cloud Foundry - a9s Platform

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Ask away and our experts will help you see the best solution in your future on Cloud Foundry.


The open-source products’ foundation works 
its magic, bringing you high quality and cost-effectiveness. While your Cloud Foundry runtime license is on the house.

What You Get

a9s Platform – our solution for Cloud Foundry environments. A flexible and cost-efficient alternative to other vendors. The seamless integration of a9s Data Services, support with operations when needed, and additional migration service round off the package. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to a9s Platform

Let’s start by telling you what our solution for Cloud Foundry environments is and what it does.

What Is It?

a9s Platform is a complete solution to build and operate Cloud Foundry based application developer platforms. It is powered by anynines – a worldwide pioneer in Cloud Foundry provisioning and operations.

What Does It Do?

a9s Platform empowers you to create and run multiple cloud-native application development platforms based on Cloud Foundry. The only solution in the market with the integrated a9s Data Service bundle.

A selection of the best-known infrastructures we support. If your preferred infrastructure is not included – no problem. Just contact us.

All Infrastructures, Same Show

Our Acts, Your Benefits

Assets and solutions worthy of applause that will marvel you, performed by our highly skilled professionals.

Terabyte Memory

Cloud Foundry runtime doesn't punish you for having many applications instances. So no surprise-act on your billing.

24/7 Support

Highly skilled Cloud Foundry professionals performing personal support will be there for you 24/7.

Infrastructure Independent

Running our solution on all sorts of infrastructures in an automated fashion is easier than it ever was.

a9s Platform Cast of Stars

a9s Data Services will make your applications’ data easily manageable. Enterprise Platform Operations take over Cloud Foundry operations for you. 

a9s Data Services

Build modern applications on Cloud Foundry foundations. Benefit from seamless integration to our bundle of on-demand caching, messaging, and database automation solutions. 
It's the greatest bundle on Earth!

a9s Enterprise Platform Operations

The Enterprise Platform Operations team will do the heavy lifting for you.

We provide support for your staff on self-maintained systems or you can choose to focus on your applications and rely on Cloud Foundry experienced DevOps to take care of all platform operations for you – fully remote.

Moving fast and building things

The Show Must Go On

First Contact

Data Services included

Why juggle between us and a third-party provider? a9s Platform is the only Cloud Foundry solution with seamless integration of a9s Data Services.


Let us do the heavy lifting. We will support you during migration. And we can take care of Cloud Foundry operations – self maintained or full remote – from day one with a9s Enterprise Platform Operations.

We get 

Setup Test Environment

The Decision Maker is You

Build & Plan

Our Duty 

You leave your message, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The first meeting to learn everything about your requirements.

POC of Cloud Foundry a9s Platform and its components and functionalities.

You choose to work on Cloud Foundry with a9s Platform.

Your new production-grade Cloud Foundry foundations and migration plan are set. 

We will make your migration journey smooth and can take care of operations for you.

How long will the migration process take?

Much of the process of acquisition is dependent on decision. Once you decide to go with a9s Platform, we will move as fast as you need. In general, the migration process alone takes around X months.

Will anynines team support our company during the migration process?

Our team will be there for you and your company every step of the way, with 24/7 support to make your migration process easy peasy.

How can we set up and customize our combination of platform,
    data services and operations?

Our products and services are all completely customizable to fit your needs. Send us a message and we will show you all of a9s Platform’s possibilities.

What is the a9s Data Service Bundle?

The a9s Data Service Bundle is an integral part of the a9s Platform. With a single license and the underlying credit system, your team has maximum flexibility in selecting the data services they need.

What is the a9s Data Service Bundle credit system?

The licence for the a9s Data Service Bundle is part of the a9s Platform. With the underlying credit system, you and your team can choose the specific data service or services without paying for another license. Just using the credits. As an example - you are using a9s Data Service for Postgres and no longer need it, but now you want to move to a9s Data Service for MongoDB. In this case you can simply use a credit without buying an additional license.

When your products are battle-tested within environments of known corporates - why don't you name them?

For us, discretion is a matter of honor. By the NDAs with our customers, we are therefore obliged not to name them. However, we can reveal that they are, among others, companies from the Automotive production, Insurance, IoT, Finance, and Wholesale sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the questions that might be in your mind right now.

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Painlessly apply the same automation across several infrastructures to operate
multiple platform environments 
— no matter if it's a public cloud, on-premises, hybrid or in a tent.

Backup & Restore

There is no need to worry about data magically disappearing with the latest backup and restore strategies for your Cloud Foundry foundations performed by our exclusive a9s Backup Manager.

Data Services Included

Solve the data services challenge without juggling third-party providers with 
a9s Data Services. A set of on-demand caching, messaging, and database automation solutions.

Lifecycle Automation

Automated lifecycle, including auto-healing of your platform and automation of testing and deploying Cloud Foundry releases.

Platform Solution

Secure configurations and best practices battle-tested in production environments at some of the largest companies.


Performance and availability of your Cloud Foundry platform are monitored through our a9s Prometheus to keep it all up and running.

a9s Data Service for PostgreSQL

a9s Data Services

We proudly present the artists of our Data Service Ensemble.

a9s Data Service for Elasticsearch

a9s Data Service for MongoDB

a9s Data Service for MySQL / MariaDB

a9s Data Service for Prometheus

a9s Data Service for Redis

a9s Data Service for Messaging

a9s Data Service for LogMe


  • Create Cloud Foundry application security groups automatically

  • Encryption: 
    • of the persistence disk

    • of data in transit (SSL)

Logging & Metrics

  • Syslog and Graphite endpoints to stream logs and metrics of your service instances.

  • A platform operator can specify these endpoints. Each provisioned service instance or service instance cluster will stream logs and metrics to these given endpoints.

  • Define separate logging and metric endpoints as the platform user creating a log or metrics stream of your individual particular service instances to a Syslog and Graphite endpoint of your choice.


  • Horizontal Scalability: On-Demand Provisioning

  • Vertical Scalability: Service Plan Upgrades

  • Service Plans for Single and Clustered Service Instances

Backup / Restore Framework

  • Manual, scheduled and API-based backups

High Availability

  • Zero-Downtime Upgrades

  • Multi AZ-Support

Key Features of Our Data Services

What to Expect?